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4 / 10

Element Space Review

While having clear intentions and ideas, this port fails to deliver on a grand scale

8 / 10

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC Review

Capcom has done a lot over the last year to bolster Monster Hunter World's PC offering, but the delayed release schedule looms large.

9 / 10

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 Review

A year after Episode 1's release, Life is Strange has reached its conclusion, and it's not one to miss.

5 / 10

Darksiders Genesis Review

Darksiders Genesis is a fun co-op romp at times, but often feels meandering and sadly pointless.

8 / 10

Romancing SaGa 3 Review

Against the odds, Square Enix gives this unique and wonderful classic RPG a solid remaster for the Western audience.