Square Enix register "SE Masterpieces" trademark in Europe

A user on Gaming Mega-Forum NeoGAF has uncovered a new European trademark filed by Square Enix for the name "SE Masterpieces" - a name that has been used in the past for a 'complete collection' of Kingdom Hearts games in Japan.

The trademark for the name "SE Masterpieces" was filed on the 11th May by Square Enix Europe via their offices based in Wimbledon in London. The trademark covers a variety of media including "Computer game software, computer games, video game software" and "Printed matter" such as books and strategy guides.

The masterpieces name was previously used in a Japan-only release of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories titled "Trinity Master Pieces", which has led fans to speculate this trademark could be readying an upcoming new line of rereleases of classic Square Enix titles.

Square Enix's recent Fiscal Year 2010/2011 report highlighted "Digitizing our catalog titles" as a priority for ensuring growth for the company, which posted massive losses in that report.

We've fired Square Enix an email to see what all this is about, but we imagine they'll be keeping quiet for now - but perhaps we'll hear more at E3 2011. We'll be out at the show, so be sure to check back with us for the latest news.

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