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Alex Donaldson
Network Manager, Founder & Publisher

One of the founders of the Mist Network and RPG Site, Alex has been with the site since the beginning. He currently acts as the Network Director and Publisher of RPG Site. He oversees editorial policy and occasionally contributes content while also acting as the all-seeing eye across the network, dealing with advertising, community and PR issues.

Outside of RPG Site and the Mist Network, Alex spends his days working for Gamer Network's VG247 and can also be found writing for the likes of PC Gamer and Official PlayStation Mgazine on occasion.

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Mike Chittenden
Founder, Programmer

Mike was with UFFSite for several years before co-founding the UFF Network in collaboration with Alex Donaldson and Phil Conheady in June 2006. He is currently in charge of the network technology, including the site's custom-built content management system and the pages that end-users (you) see.

As well as being the man for the network's technology, Mike is also a keen member of the Network Community and contributes to day-to-day running of the site through bug fixes and design tweaks, also stepping into a PR role when Alex is unable.

Adam Vitale
Reviews Editor

Andrea Shearon

A passionate writer since childhood, Andrea found her niche in writing about games just a few years ago. Always the completionist, most of her spare time is spent towards collecting and end-game grinding in RPGs.

Andrea holds a degree in mass communication from Mississippi State University with a minor in Japanese. She also has a masters in public relations from the University of Southern Mississippi. Outside of games, mass comm studies hold her interest. You can find her on Twitter at @Maajora, ranting about amiibo or crying over visual novels.

Bryan Vitale
Senior Staff Writer

Bryan is a long time gamer and enjoys meeting people who share the hobby. He loves to dabble into PC rpgs as well as whatever the newest Final Fantasy or Tales game is. Always like to mess with streaming software he never uses or computer components he doesn't need.

Outside of gaming, Bryan works in the tech sector as an engineer for electronics manufacturing, but is casually looking for opportunities to move closer to the video game realm.

Usually can be found tweeting about games or otherwise random thoughts at @ZeoMassicot

Josh Torres
Senior Staff Writer

Eternally craving for the next great RPG, Josh travels around the world of video games carrying the hopes and dreams of the masses to find the one true RPG.

Until then, you can follow him on Twitter @HDKirin which may or may not have RPGs on it. Tuesdays are usually a good time to check in unless it's Golden Week.

Erren Van Duine

Erren joined the Mist Network staff in 2010, bringing with her Nova Crystallis, her Square Enix-focused news site. She's also helped to expand the coverage of RPG Site and the network in North America as the Senior US Editor.

Outside the world of video game writing, she also holds a degree in History and Political Science at Indiana University.

Kyle Campbell
Staff Writer

Kyle has been with RPG Site since 2016 and has always had a strong fondness for the genre.

Kyle holds a BS in Information and Communications Technology from SAIT Polytechnic. Writing about games pushed him to further his education, and now also has a minor in English+technical writing.

You can find him on twitter at @Levit0 where he compares everything to Twin Peaks.

Natalie Flores
Staff Writer

Kite Stenbuck
Staff Writer

Kite is a huge fan of Japanese games hailing from Indonesia, Southeast Asia. He learned the Japanese language by himself due to his fascination with Japanese voiceovers & theme songs, and he channels that passion by translating gaming news from Japan on the internet.

The .hack tetralogy is one of his most favorite RPGs, and it's also where part of his namesake comes from. He can also be found posting news on more Japanese games other than RPGs at his Twitter account @bk2128.

Elizabeth Henges
Staff Writer

Elizabeth writes about things in her spare time, instead of actually playing video games. You can find her ranting on Twitter @gaiages, as well.

Chao Min Wu
Staff Writer

Chao is a part-time writer for RPG Site, his other hobbies is focused on writing strategy guides on Gamefaqs and Neoseeker. You might know him by his alias, Zoelius, instead.

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Kazuma Hashimoto
Staff Writer

Joining RPG Site in 2017 Kazuma works as a part time reporter and translator.

You can find him talking about Japanese crime syndicates and farm simulators on Twitter at JusticeKazzy_

James Galizio
Staff Writer

James has been writing about video games since 2014, and has left his mark at sites such as TechRaptor, Operation Rainfall, and now RPG Site. He's been playing RPGs since he was a kid, and knows more than a thing or two about Monster Hunter.

You can follow him @Theswweet on Twitter.

Lucas Rivarola
Staff Writer

Alex Seedhouse

Alex - also known as 'Seedy' - has been around the UK games writing scene for a fair while now. He pours a good chunk of his time into running his own site, Nintendo Insider, but on occasion he shows his face here on RPG Site to talk about the genre - and to give himself a break from only ever covering Nintendo!

John Davison

John Davison is a part-time contributor to RPG Site who spends his day-to-day teaching English in Japanese schools. Being fluent in the home language of many of the genre's finest, John intermittently provides impressions on Japanese releases and translations of the latest news from Japanese publications.

George Foster

RPG Site Staff
RPG Site Staff